How to Easily Get Your Deposit Back

Sometimes landlords can be real jerks. As businessmen, they want to keep any amount of money handed to them, and one of the best ways to do that is to withhold their tenants’ deposit cheques on the grounds that the flat or house presented is not returned in the same state. Anybody who has had a run in with a landlord knows how picky they are and how much work they require before even considering to return the deposit. If you are facing such a landlord and want to know how to deliver excellent end of tenancy cleaning results, then read below.
#1 – Get a Cleaning Company
This is the easiest solution to such problems. All you need is the number of a reliable cleaning company, make use of its end of lease cleaning services, and the deposit cheque is as good as yours. You barely have to lift a finger. The only question you need to ask yourself is: should you pay the price? If savings are not a problem, go for it and save yourself the need to do it yourself.
#2 – Be Thorough
Naturally, if you are left on your own, then you should leave no stone unturned. Go through every corner and deal with every piece of furniture. Do the carpets, clean the furniture, clean the bed, under the bed, the floors around the bed, and all the rest. Go to every room and clean every room, one at a time. Do all this and you will be able to get your deposit back, no problem.
#3 – Paint Over If You Can’t Clean
Sometimes you might come across some stains on the wall that cannot be removed even with the best stain removers. The solution to this is simple – get a brush and a bucket of paint, and paint over it. When you cannot beat it, paint over it – there is nothing to lose. The landlord might even be grateful for the paintjob you did – it will be somewhat refreshing for the next tenant.

Take care of your move-out cleaning chores and at the end of the day the deposit will land in your hands. You will achieve a great result once you put your mind to it, no matter how stubborn the landlord is. All it takes is a little consistency and stubbornness when cleaning your home on your own.

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