Domestic Cleaning 101

Cleaning your home is not difficult; it only takes effort and time. When you have a plan, you have the right idea and then all it takes is to go through the motions. The very basic of home cleaning is: locate a dirty spot, then clean it up. It is really that simple, but it gets even simpler when you make it systematic and use the right tools, and the right cleaners. Here are the general rules you want to know about your domestic cleaning endeavour:
#1 – Do it top to bottom
It is important to start from above, so that anything that is sent flying while you are cleaning does not end up back on the clean floor. If you do it all in the following order: ceiling, high shelves, windows, floors, you will get the best result.
#2 – Do it room by room
Naturally, you do not go wild and start cleaning every room your gaze falls upon. Pick a room, and start cleaning there. When you are done, go to the next room, and so on and so forth. Rinse and repeat, and by the end of the day you will have a completely clean home.
#3 – Dust before scrubbing
Always make sure you dust before the actual cleaning takes place. A lot of cleaning tasks involve the use of liquids, and if you add dirt to liquids, sometimes it sticks and is harder to get rid of. A bit of dusting before cleaning your home will spare you a lot of effort.
#4 – Use eco-friendly products whenever possible
If water and dish soap can get an object clean, then why bother using chemicals? The less chemicals and toxins your home is exposed to, the better. Always remember that baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice do a lot of work with the same efficiency as a store-bought home cleaner.

Be consistent with the application of these tips and you will understand just how easy and simple domestic cleaning can be. Always plan the different cleaning tasks as well to further ease the process and when the process is systematised, all you will have to do is simply do the work in a matter of minutes, and then move on and enjoy your day.

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