5 Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Carpet

Not all types of cleaning are the right types of cleaning. Sometimes something just goes wrong and you have to be attentive to prevent such happenings. When cleaning your carpet, for example, there are quite a few things you can do wrong to make the situation worse than it already was. Not on purpose, of course, but sometimes juts pure ignorance leads to such matters. So before you address your home cleaning needs, be sure to equip yourself with enough knowledge to tackle unexpected problems.
Here are some carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid:
#1 – Don’t scrub the spills.
When you spill a glass of wine, or any colourful liquid, do not immediately start scrubbing it. More often than none, this will only spread the stain. What you want to do is use a sponge or a paper cloth and soak it in the spill so that it absorbs all the excess liquid. Scrub after every bit of moisture is absorbed.
#2 – Don’t use vinegar and lemon juice on every surface.
Both are perfectly fine home cleaners, but sometimes they are not the solution. Both have acidic properties, and those don’t always go well with carpets. Some carpets are just too fragile and easily damaged by acid, so it would be better to test them out before using.
#3 – Not all cleaning agents are disinfectants.
You can buy all the cleaners you need, but not all of them will disinfect the cleaned area. Always have a backup and apply it after cleaning for a better effect.
#4 – Don’t use sponges and paper towels to scrub.
One of the big mistakes people make is to use tools that crumble over hard carpet piles. And the result is half the tool falling around the floor, negating all the work. Use brushes and tools specialised for carpet cleaning.
#5 – More is not better.
And then there is the problem with people overusing cleaners, thinking that the more they use, the better the carpet will be cleaned. Not the case. Best case scenario, the carpet will be just as equally clean as when using a small portion of the product. Worst case scenario - damaging the carpet.

Stick to these tips and avoid the mistakes so that you can handle your domestic cleaning chores that much better. Knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do – now you know, so act on it.

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